Club Info

Nostalgia AA/Gassers Competition Information

In order for the club to maintain a level of excellence in today’s competitive market place and align ourselves with added tracks and events, we are asking for financial support from all that would be club members.

Your membership will support the maintenance of the website, design and purchase of decals, patches, T-shirts, handout cards, booking races, videographers, photographers, accounting and other expenses that take place in booking and operating our race events.

Club Member Details

All paid club members will be invited to attend every club event.

Car, driver and two crew members will enter at no cost at each club event.

You will be eligible to receive gifts from all our marketing partners.

We are a racing club that shares with each other.

Non Club Member Details

If you are not a member but would like to come out and mix it up with the club, please contact us.

Your car must follow the club guidelines in order to become a club member.

Car, driver and crew members will pay their own entry at involved race tracks.

Corporate Member Details

All paid Corporate Members will have their business logo linked to their website in our “Sponsors” area.

Associate Member Details

An Associate Member is one who would like to support and be a part of the club. All paid Associate Members may have their photo and name on our “Associate Members” website page as well as other perks.

Racing Details & Prizes

Prizes will be distributed in the forms of gifts or contingencies from our generous marketing partners.

Club Member Prize Money

Your car must leave the starting line under power first round of eliminations in order to receive qualifying money.

Club Dues

Racing Member – $300.00 per year payable in full prior to traveling to an event.

Corporate Member – Marketing packages available upon request.

Associate Member – $50.00 per year

Payments should be sent to the following address and made payable to:

Nostalgia AA/Gassers Club c/o

John Foust

222 Pennsy Rd.,

Volant PA, 16156

Financial/Technical Inquiries:

John Foust – 724-372-1872 or