We’re hoping all you AA Gas enthusiasts out there might enjoy seeing some of the internal build details of John and Aaron Reid‘s 1933 Willys Big Block Chevrolet engine that was recently completed.

With a budget friendly mindset, the team was able to keep costs down by utilizing quality used components available such as the forged GM crankshaft, GM 990 cast iron heads, GM Gen I bow tie block (freeze cracked externally) and everything else needed to complete the engine. This allowed them to splurge where it was critical like the Injector, fuel pump, magneto, stainless valves, camshaft, connecting rods and pistons.

When asked about the build, engine builder John Rossitter stated, “Personally, I enjoyed this build as we needed to get it done within a budget and a self-imposed due date in order to bring the whole project to completion.”

Special thanks to Graham Birmingham for producing this video.



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